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A Book To Move You

By December 12, 2015October 12th, 2023
Laura McGee

27-year-old Northcott client Laura McGee has written an autobiography to share with others her experiences living with cerebral palsy.

The book, Wheels in Motion, addresses different topics including people’s attitudes, socialising, everyday obstacles, gaining an education and therapy.

Laura’s physical disability is quite severe, which includes being non-verbal, intellectually she is very capable.

“I hope my story inspires, both, people with disabilities and able-bodied people,” Laura said.

“I would like people to see that just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean they can’t make the most out of life.” Unlike most writers who type away at their laptop when writing a book, Laura used computer assistive technology.

“I access the computer via two head switches which attach to the headrest of my chair,” Laura explained. “I type in Morse code, so one switch is a ‘dot’ and the other is a ‘dash’. The access program converts the dots and dashes into letters.”

Laura has been supported by Northcott from the young age of 4 when she began school at Northcott; she has also received services including: occupational therapy, new equipment, respite, recreation and community participation program.

Laura has had a positive experience with Northcott staff throughout her time. “The staff are awesome,” she said. “The training Northcott do must be amazing, because I always get treated age appropriate. None of the staff talk down to me.”

Laura’s book, Wheels in Motion, can be purchased for $29.95 + postage by visiting or ordering through major stores.

Laura is pictured (above) with her book Wheels in Motion.

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