Australia & New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Strategy

30, April 2018

Cerebral palsy is the most common childhood physical disability, affecting one in 500 Australians. Surprisingly, there is no national strategy guiding services in this field. This is your chance to help us develop our cerebral palsy strategy for Australia. Click here to find out more.

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World CP Day 6 October 2017

02, October 2017

The day is an opportunity to celebrate, raise awareness and take action to ensure that people with cerebral palsy have the same rights, access and opportunity as anyone else in their communities. You can learn more about World CP day by visiting the official website here.

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Ability First Australia welcomes Cerebral Palsy Australia

27, August 2014

Ability First Australia is delighted to announce that as of 1 July 2013, Ability First Australia and Cerebral Palsy Australia have joined forces to create one of Australia’s largest national Not for Profit Organisations. Background Ability First Australia is one of Australia's largest Not for Prof…

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World Cerebral Palsy Day, Wednesday 2 October 2013

15, March 2013

World Cerebral Palsy Day is an annual event, celebrated each year on the first Wednesday in October. Organisations from America, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Finland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Niger, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Scotla…

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Cerebral Palsy Australia does not door-knock

13, March 2013

It has come to our attention that a door-knock fundraising campaign is being conducted in some states by Cerebral Palsy Alliance, an organisation that has been mistaken for Cerebral Palsy Australia. Cerebral Palsy Australia does not conduct door-knocking activities, and nor do its member organisati…

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