Learning Centre

Learning Centre

The Cerebral Palsy Australia Learning Centre offers useful resources to:

  • people with cerebral palsy
  • families and carers
  • therapists and allied health professionals
  • general and specialist medical practitioners
  • educators
  • anyone interested in information about cerebral palsy.

Australian Cerebral Palsy Register

The CP Register is a confidential research database of information about people with cerebral palsy in Australia. The main aims of the CP Register are to monitor prevalence of cerebral palsy; gain understanding about the causes; evaluate preventative strategies and assist in planning services for children and adults who have cerebral palsy.

The Facts

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a developmental disability that results from damage to or dysfunction of the developing brain. Read about the different types, how it affects the body, signs in early childhood, common symptoms and more. The Facts.


Useful links on Cerebral Palsy including educational resources, research portals and more.  


Publications on Cerebral Palsy including books available for purchase, fact sheets, library services and useful references.  


Reports written on Cerebral Palsy. A collection of scholarly reports written in Australia and overseas.

Research papers

Read about past, current and future research studies.


Stretching exercises for children with cerebral palsy. An online resource to help children with cerebral palsy to carry out stretching exercises at home.