Disability Tek founder Noah Callan

Helping Others with Disabilities Access Technology

07, May 2018

Noah Callan, founder of Disability Tek

Noah Callan is the founder of Disability Tek. Disability Tek is a platform where people with disabilities can share and learn about assistive technologies that will enable them to be more connected and empowered in their daily lives. Our ideology is 'Help others with disabilities access technology by sharing how you use it'. Noah is 21 years old and he himself has a disability. Noah has cerebral palsy (quadriplegia), and as a result has relied heavily on technology for most of his life. Noah understands first-hand the power that technology can have in improving one's life when you have a disability. Noah has reasoned that if people with disabilities are able to share with others how they access and use technology then others can learn from this and overcome the trials and barriers in trying to source new technology for themselves.

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