Pregnancy for people with CP

Pregnancy for people with CP

There is currently no evidence to suggest that CP affects fertility. The risk of a woman with CP having a child with CP is not significantly different from that of any other person.

Ideally before the birth of your baby, you will need to consider how your disability may affect how you are able to care for your child.

Look at what support is available to you, decide what extra help you need.

Discuss the decision over place of delivery with your midwife and/or obstetrician. 

One advantage of a hospital delivery is the availability of equipment and expertise in case difficulties arise. 

If you have a choice of hospital, choose one that has an obstetrician who has a speciality in CP/disability.

If not, ensure that the obstetrician confers with your occupational therapist/physiotherapist. Remember you must always consult your GP or physician for information particular to your own pregnancy.