Combining Therapies - What are the benefits?

Combining Therapies - What are the benefits?

A person with cerebral palsy has difficulty moving and maintaining their posture due to damage to their developing brain. 

Standard treatments include physiotherapy for improving movement; speech pathology for communication; occupational therapy for independence; social work for building resilience; psychology and early education for maximising learning and medications for reducing symptoms eg. BOTOX® for spasticity; and surgery for realigning the skeleton. 

Specialised equipment and technology are often used together for overall management and care that can also assist a person’s independence e.g. powered wheelchairs and communication devices.

All of these treatments work together to limit the damaging impact CP can have on the person’s body; their capacity to do daily activities and their ability to participate in the community.

Many experts think that it is the combination of traditional medicine and therapies that achieves the best results.

This belief is well supported by the increasing life expectancy and quality of life experienced by people with CP living in western countries compared to those in developing nations.

Research shows physiotherapy; speech pathology; occupational therapy; social work; psychology; early education; and medicine help them reach their goals and full potential.